is my corsair xms3 1600mhz ram compatable?

hi I've got an intel pentium g2130 with an asus p8h61-mx motherboard, ive just purchased a single stick of corsair xms3 1600mhz, will this ram be compatible and run ok with this processor motherboard setup?
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    your motherboard supports only
    1333/1066 MHz ram interface
  2. sorry forgot to mention its an P8H61-MX R2.0 type
  3. cheers mate you've put myself at rest now
  4. It will default to the lower mobo default freq, so enable XMP in the BIOS and select profile 1, should be good to go
  5. thanks alot for the advise there wouldn't have even checked that if you didn't mention it

  6. so will i notice the difference much from running at 1333mhz?
  7. Depends on what you do, might notice a little snappier in multitasking or memory centric apps
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