Is it possible to use an external hard drive for a new pc recovery of systems installed from factory? Sorry if that is confu

Do external hard drives have the capability to store a new pc's software & settings etc from factory in case the pc would crash? Another way of asking -- could an external hard drive substitute as a replacement for the "recovery discs" ? I personally would not recommend this nor would I risk it as the hard drive could at any time malfunction --

When an external hard drive is set to "back up" does it just save data that has been collected from outside / internet sources etc or does it actually back up the entire pc settings software programs etc? Thank you very much
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  1. An external hard drive can also store a backup version of the main computer's operating system. This will allow the computer to be back up and running quickly should there be a problem with a virus.

    Even external hard drives will stop working over time. Data that is not accessed often but needs to be archived indefinitely should also be backed up on a recordable CD-ROM disk.

    It is important to keep backed-up information on the external portable hard drive secure. Always use a firewall on the main computer. This will keep unwanted browsers on the Internet away from sensitive information. Make sure the external hard drive is only connected to the main computer for short intervals during use.
  2. Yes you are correct, any truly important data needs to be stored in multiple locations/devices. Archival quality dvd's are great at this.

    Backup usually backup what you tell them to. On my server I run 2. One backup the OS drive and the other backs up the data drives.

    Take at look thru whatever backup software you are using Users Manual, I do suggest making whole backups once in a while so that you're not looking at re-installing windows updates for 2 days. LoL As well as backing your data when you add to it.
  3. versalomy6 said:
    yes, you can store recovery data on external hard drive.

    Thank you for the courtesy of a reply but I already found and posted the answers myself . I am not have as good of luck on my other one - finding a tutorial for copying all data from a forum that has 12-15 different categories with many posts in each one - Have a great week !
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