I have a Compaq laptop and when I started it up today, the mouse won't move, so I can't do anything on it. Everything works ju

My mouse won't move when I start up my laptop. I've restarted it 3 times and nothing is working.
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  1. There's usually a keyboard shortcut to disable the trackpad. On my laptop, it's Fn+F6, but it's probably different on yours.
    I would think restarting the computer would reenable it, so i doubt it's the problem, but you never know.

    Failing that, do you have a USB mouse you can try?
  2. No, I don't have one, but I can get one. Do you think that would work?
  3. It might, depending on the problem. If the trackpad's hardware failed, the USB mouse would work. But if it's a software problem it might not.
    I don't suppose you've taken your laptop apart lately?

    If you have a numpad, you can control the mouse with that. Hit 'Left Alt'+'Left Shift'+'Num Lock' to enable it.

    Then you can check your mouse settings, and try updating the drivers.
  4. It could be that the track pad has simply failed like explained above, or what happens a lot is there can be a button used to turn it off, literally. I am not sure if this is on Compaq also, but on HP Laptops, in the upper left of the track pad there is a little curved indent, and if you double tap it with your finger the track pad is disabled but you can still use any USB attached device. Note that when this happens there is usually a little orange or red light that turns on near it. Also, your driver could have crashed or have been disabled. Look up how to reset device drivers and follow the instructions. Hope this helps, have a wonderful rest of your week! :)
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