My OCZ 850 PSU has a (2) 4 pin cpu connectors do I plug them both into the single 8 pin 12V?

Ordered the Asrock xtreme 4 970 board to run sli on. Have a pair of Evga 8800 cards and planned to install a new 8350 8core. Noticed that the board has a single 12 V 8 pin connector.
My psu is an OCZ 850 watt Sli which has (2) 4 pin connectors "not" a single 8 pin?

Do I plug both 4 pin connectors into the 8 pin?
(1) 4 pin only?
Or do I have to now buy a new psu?
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  1. The connector is usually a 4+4 pin one. Yes, connect them together.
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