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I have spent many hours looking at forms / reviews on crossfire/SLi setups and still have not found and answer to my satisfaction I am having trouble trying to decide what GPU to pick for my second PC build Amd Or Nvidia no preference . This PC is going to run 3 monitors and have a full water cooling loop 6 months after construction. my primary use will be gaming MMO, Fps RTS and Photoshop, with minor video recording/ editing.My new rig specifications are
Cpu: 3770k i7
Motherboard :ASRock Z77 Extreme4
PSU: seasonic 1250 modular psu
Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 16 GB
SSD: undecided
HHD: undecided
Monitor: undecided/ GPU depentant
Gpu: 7990 or 7970 or 780
My question is what gpu is best/ ideal for me. The only requirements are that the card or cards must be reference models for water cooling block fitment, and will i need Crossfire/SLI for gaming with 3 monitors. No real money constraints but the less spent is better as i have many hobbies lol, just want a good build for a while. also if someone thinks other items on my list should be different feel free to chime in.
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  1. If your running three monitors my solution would be 2 7970's in crossfire. They easily best out a single 780 for the same price
  2. thanks for the help i will grab a couple of 7970's
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