Which GPU for Highest Setting on upcoming Video Games (e.g: BF:4, GTA V hopefully)

Hi, people im going to upgrade my stuff and i wanted to know which is the best GPU (prefering AMD over NVidia) for upcoming high-end performance demanding games like battlefiled 4, GTAV is it comes out for PC or Assassins Creeds latest game.
You see im not capable of paying $1000 on a gpu but im hopeful something like $400 or even $500 if its the would do the job.
The GPU must run them nice & smooth in a 1920 * 1080 HD res.

I have:
4gb ddr3
fx-8150 Black Edittion
cheap ASrock MOBO
thanks for the help if theres something im not doing well please tell me :)
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  1. See what comes about from AMD's Hawaii cards which are set to reveal on the 25th, then make your decision.
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