CPU : Intel i3-3240 --- Motherboard : MSI Z77A-G41 --- Turbo Boost???

Hey guys, i built a new gaming PC this week.
CPU : Intel i3-3240
Motherboard : MSI Z77A-G41

I've been playing games like planetside 2 alread and all.
Now today i was wondering if i should overclock my CPU, so i went to the MSI clickbios utility, and apparently it had an intel turbo boost option, i didn't know i3 CPU's don't support it so i enabled it and restarted.
Than i looked up on google about i3's and i found out they don't even have turbo boost.
Now i disabled it again and restarted again.

Did it do any damage?
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  1. No, no damage done. The worst that would happen is it simply wouldn't boot or would ignore it gives its fixed multiplier. No need to worry about it.
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