Microsoft Announces New Touch Covers, Power Cover and Dock

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  1. Oye, same thing as with the recent Apple spam... This is fundamentally one event, one announcement. Do we need the announcement to be broken up into three articles?
  2. Although overpriced, they have some incredible accessories for the new Surface tablets.
  3. Still over priced. Microsoft stock holders prepare to see a $900 million hit again.
  4. But there is no joy in Mudville, mighty Ballmer has struck out.
  5. Jane, you need to update the article. In the Surface Pro 2 hands-on video, Marcus says the new Type cover is ALSO 1mm thinner than its predecessor. Which, given the improvements to rigidity and noise, and the fact that it appears to have the same amount of key travel, is pretty sweet.
    tomate2 said:
    Although overpriced, they have some incredible accessories for the new Surface tablets.

    Yeah they're a bit high. But they're all pretty slick, and the quality of the Surface accessories seems good, and these will likely continue that trend. I especially like that docking station!

    It's great that the new covers are backwards compatible with the older models. I imagine a lot of owners of the original Surface Pro will be snagging the new Type Cover. I'd bet that the dock will work with the older model Pro as well.
  6. "There's also a new Type Cover, which Microsoft says has the same design as the original (so we assume the same thickness and weight)"

    Clearly was not paying attention, maybe you should watch the video again, it is a full 1mm thinner
  7. These are some great accessories, I just wish they costed a bit less.
    A dockable, relatively high performance, tablet with a removable keyboard would be awesome for many a university student.
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