Looking for a GPU advice in picking out a gaming laptop

Hello All,

I have a friend in the market for a new laptop. It is mainly for work, but he plays a couple games (mostly Total War: Rome franchise) so he is looking for a bit more power than a normal $300-$400 work laptop.

He was recommended to buy an HP laptop that has a Geforce GT 740M GPU. (I am a desktop guy, lol, so I don't know too much about laptop gaming). But, while this GPU seems fine for his current situation, I would like to recommend something that keeps some future games in mind. So, I was going to recommend that he shoot for a GTX series but I am not too sure what he should look into.

Currently, I am running an i5 3750K (or 3570K?) with a GTX 660 in my desktop for the past year and it has been great. I have played Borderlands, Starcraft, SWTOR, Far Cry 3, and a few others all on Max settings. Although he is essentially only concerned with the Total War: Rome games, I'd like to consider a couple more games that are currently a bit more GPU dependant (as I hear the RTS games rely more heavily on the CPU?)...

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I think he is looking to buy within a day or two.
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  1. So, after doing a little bit of research, I am kind of looking at recommending the GTX 760M over the GT 740M. I've read that the GTX 760M is comparable to the GTX 650 Ti desktop version, but I worry about how long the GTX 650 Ti will be a relevant graphics card considering it is like $150 and they have released a GTX 690 card... Any input on this comparison would be appreciated.
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