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Hello I am looking to upgrade my bulky desktop replacement laptop with an actual desktop and but am a little undecided on the graphics cards I did think the 780 Gtx would be a good option to last me a good few years but also thought that 2 770 4gb in sli would be better value for money.

My use include gaming but also 3D Autocad rendering. I know workstation gpu's would be better for rendering but the expense of the cards and my love of games has made me stick with consumer cards.

Rendering performance is a big plus considering my 280M GTX takes an absolute age.

So my question is, is it worth the £200 extra to go for the SLI 770 4gb Gtx over the 780 3gb Gtx?

Thank You
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  1. Even tough there would be a performance diference from the SLI770 to single 780, if it
    were me i would stick with the 780 and save the money.
    Ussually when you think of single vs dual card, you need to think about the usage,
    dual cards are ussually in setups that will high end games in dual/triple monitor setups.
    The 780 alone is enough to max every game, and holds its share in rendering. (altough,
    the cpu does most the work there).
    Since i also do CAD work i dont think you will be working with more than one monitor
    for that.
    My advice, is go with a single 780 now, save money and if you ever need to you can SLI
    them later.
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