Unusual problem with the 7850 and asus m5a97 r2.0 motherboard and PCIe spread spectrum

So I ran into an odd problem with my 7850 when playing games. I know it's generally recommended to disable PCIe spread spectrum in BIOS to improve stability. Yet when I have it disabled it seems that despite fraps/benchmarks reporting 60fps, it seems almost like the card is playing in slow motion and I mean really slow like 20fps. When I enable PCIe spread spectrum in bios, my benchmarks lose ~1-2fps but it seems to be running in turbo compared to before. The performance is sporadic and even though it is fast it seems really unstable(like its speeding up then slowing down then speeding up again). I was wondering if there was a setting in bios that I was missing that would solve this. The worst part is that fraps isn't confirming any of these speed changes so its almost like I am going crazy:pt1cable:
Anyone have any idea what is going on? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Solved this on my own but there doesn't seem to be anyway to delete this thread..... To help anybody who has a similar problem that I had. I read somewhere that if you live in high altitudes then you could benefit from pcie spread spectrum. :??: Well, I live in a tall skyscraper in a major world city so maybe that applies to me. And as for my sporadic performance on the card, I solved that by switching over to the 13.9whql drivers from the 13.10 beta. I learned that you really shouldn't install beta drivers unless they offer something you really need. It was just so tempting when the latest WHQL driver at that time was 5 months old and lacking game profiles and optimizations.
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