can I use a panasonic home theater system without speakers and just run through tv if so how

I have no speakers for system. can I still use it, if so how. so for there's no sound, even when I hook it up straight tv help please
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  1. If you connected it to the TV with HDMI and you are not getting sound it is safe to assume that you will need speakers or just get a DVD or Bluray player not a home theater in a box.
  2. I bought it uses, at the time I did not know, I thougt it was a regular dvd I have vizio tv however no hd on tv not sure if it matters. i just used the regular jacks (red, white, yellow) is there any particular cords I need? I hated to think I wasted my money. I was just hoping that there's something I can do to get sound before calling it quit.
  3. If you are stuck then you could use a speaker to line level adapter such as this
    You would connect it to the front speaker outputs and to the TV audio inputs. You would also need to be able to set the Panasonic to 2 channel or stereo mode otherwise you will hear no voices.
    Good Luck.
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