Parting Out my Baby.

Hey all, I'm not quite ready to sell as it is my only PC at the moment. I was just going to list my parts and pricing to see if you all thought the pricing was reasonable.

I have read the rules and when selling will make a complete post with pictures and all.

$100 Sabertooth 990fx Rev.1
$100 Phenom II x4 960t
$175 Phenom II x6 1100t
$100 16GB (4x4GB) Patriot G2 1866mhz 9-11-9
$170 Powercolor 7870xt (Tahiti)
$65 OCZ ZT 750w Bronze cert. Full Modular
$100 Viewsonic VX2450WM LED
$45 Noctua NH-D14
$75 Antec DF-85
$35 WD 500GB 7200rpm (Don't know model)

Also posting this to see if there is any interest. Thanks in advance for feedback guys.
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  1. to be honest............ being used, they are too in line with newer products that can be purchased today. sometimes you can do better for cheaper.

    if you're serious, lower the prices to move the stuff and suck it up. otherwise run the machine into the ground. like a car, you never get your money back.
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    Sorry to disappoint your expectations, but you could probably sell that for half those prices. At the current prices, they are very close to new retail prices. You can sell used custom PCs for around 50-65% retail price usually. Sorry to bust your chops : /
  3. No I appreciate the feedback, most of those things are 40-50% of new prices. Aside from the Phenom 1100t and RAM only because some are still willing to pay premium pricing for the top Phenom II. I'd be happy to take a bit less for everything, I guess it was listing my initial prices and expecting some haggling, Which is likely not the best route to take on this site.

    So thank you, I'll keep that in consideration when I go to sell.
  4. The CPU prices are about in line with ebay sales these days, the GPU is overpriced (some 7950's are that price new lately, i'd be looking at more like $140-150), the ram is up at new price (probably not going to sell), the rest may or may not depending on if someone is really willing to take a gamble...things like HDD's, monitors, and PSU's nobody really wants to buy used because of wear and not knowing how they were used (and subsequently how long they will last). A warranty and being able to get help from manufacturers is worth a few extra bucks to most people.
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