PCI-e x1 to PCI-e x4

Hey guys, i bought a pci wireless and bluetooth adapter. It goes in a pci x4 slot. My mobo only has an x1 slot. Can i put it in an x8? Or is there an adapter I can buy? If such an adapter exists it would be preferable to be an x1 to x4. I found what looks like a pci x8 to an some kind of omni pci slot.
But if I could stick the thing in the x8 that would be great.Would there be any bandwidth issues from pci x1 to x4?

My motherboard:

ASrock B85 pro4
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  1. THere can be issue with some cards so it is maybe it works and maybe not.
    It works but how good. It is totally difrent story.

    What wi-fi card is it?

    You can try it in pci-e1 slot or pci-e4 or pci-e 8. Then if it do not work properly in that slot where you did put it in. Then we can try find fix what to do next :)
  2. Turns out it's a mini pci. no loss at $9 and plenty of use in my laptop though.
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