Gigabyte HD 7970 3GB or MSI GTX 760 4GB or wait for new AMD GPUs!????

So i want to now what to do??Which is te best card for 1440X900 resolution??My cpu is an AMD FX-6100.
Can anybody help me??
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  1. 7970 is better than the 760 by far, however there is no point getting either card as the 6100 will bottleneck them.
  2. If you are tight with your budget, I suggest the 7970. The new line of AMD video cards is due out in a few days, however, expect to pay more for them.

    In regards to calmuconroy's bottleneck argument, when you upgrade your computer, you will already have the 7970 video card, so, it is a form of future-proofing.

    Check the power requirements of the 7970 and your current video card. The 7970 will draw more power when under heavy load, so, you might need to get a better power supply. If you do need a new power supply get at least a good 650 watt that is 80 PLUS certified

    After installing your 7970 check to see if your computer can run games here:

    Install the software and run the program

    Please remember to save in your favorites folder for later use.
  3. i was making the same discision with the 7970 3gb or the 760 4gb and i went ahead and bought the 7970 2 weeks ago and its a hell of a card
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