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How to Clean a Microsoft Sculpt Touch Bluetooth Mouse

September 25, 2013 11:46:39 AM

I have a Microsoft Sculpt Touch Bluetooth Mouse. I don't like my laptop's touchpad and wanted a wireless mouse that I could use ANYWHERE. I love the MS Sculpt Touch Mouse because it works on any surface, even carpet or couch cushion, and it has a touch panel instead of a scroll wheel, so I can scroll horizontally and vertically.

It worked great for several months, but then it just stopped working on non-wood grain surfaces. I tried replacing batteries, updating drivers, etc... Finally I decided to just try to clean it.

On the bottom is a little hole, in which is a bright blue light when the mouse is turned on. I could see how dusty it was in that hole. The first step was compressed air. Then I took a cotton-tipped swab (Q-Tip) and was frustrated that it was too large to fit in the hole. I grabbed the cotton-tip and gently pulled it out from the swab so that it was off of the stick part but still attached. I then used a toothpick to push that bit of fluff into the hole and get it worked into all the little nooks and crannies. Then I mutilated another swab, and this time dipped it in rubbing alcohol. I pressed it up against a paper-towel to make sure it was damp, not dripping, and then I used a toothpick to push it inside the hole. I twirled the swab around so it polished all the clear surfaces. Throughout the process I used a flashlight to carefully inspect the surfaces inside the hole.

I should mention that I removed the batteries and the cover while I did all of the cleaning. That blue light is bright!

Once I was done, I reassembled the mouse and turned it on. It now works perfectly again, even on my carpet or sofa cushion. Hooray!

I thought I'd post this here in case anyone was frustrated with their bluetooth mouse performance.