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I have 2 identical monitors (MW19H-AAAD)(with vga and dvi-i) and then a similar sized tv monitor (with hdmi, and vga) currently i am running the tv through a hdmi and the 1 monitor though a vga, i have 1 geforce GT640 graphics card(ports are - vga, dvi-d and hdmi). I am trying to set up the 2nd of the identical monitors on this graphics card, however i have tried using a dvi-d to vga adapter connected to a vga cable, and then a vga to dvi-i adapter the other end going into the monitor but nothing is being displayed. I have even tried this with the other monitors disconnected and i still had no display, is this becasue the dvi ports from the card to the monitor are different? I would like to know if there is a way to connect all threee monitors to this graphics card (i have heard it can only support 2) is there a way without buying another graphics card to connect all three, using cheap adapters and cables ect? cheers
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  1. A vga cable carries an analog signal, where as a dvi-d carries only a digital signal. Therefore you cannot send a dvi (digital) signal through a vga cable. simply go out and get our self a dvi-i cable and you'll have no issues.
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