Choppy / Skippy - Overclocking MSI Twin Frozr III Radeon HD7950

Hey guys, I wonder if anyone can help me with my overclocking issue. I am currently able to run Skyrim on ultra in most places at 50-60fps but see massive drops in cities / mod homes so I decided to overclock my gpu in the hopes of increasing fps. The result did increase the fps to never dropping below 60fps however it seems to jitter every 3 seconds or so, looks choppy and skips about the place when I move - visibly it looks worse than without the OC which I am confused about. I am wondering if anyone knows why this is. I will list my system specs and the overclock settings below to see if anyone knows what the issue is.
- Thanks.

System Specs:
- Mobo - ASUS M5A97
- Cpu - AMD 6350 (Not not overclocked)
- GPU MSI Twin Frozr Radeon HD7950
Ram - 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3
- PSU - 80plus 600w
HDD - WD Green 1tb

GPU Settings (Stock)
<As reads in Afterburner>
Core Voltage - 944mV
Power Limit - 0%
Core Clock - 800mhz
Memory Clock - 1250mhz
Fan Speed - (Auto) 30

Settings (Overclock)
Core Voltage - 1185mV
Power Limit - +20%
Core Clock - 1100MHz
Memory Clock - 1550MHz
Fan Speed - (Auto) 40-43

Temps usually read between 40-57 with no oc when testing on heaven / gaming and between 55-69 with this overclock.

The people I bought the power supply from advised a good quality 600w psu would be more than adequate for this but I can see no other reason that this would be having problems with it's self.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you

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  1. I should also add, the heaven benchmark fully maxed out with tesselation on ran 10-13 fps faster with the overclock on and performed much smoother. It is only when gaming that I felt the overclock actually hurt the performance.

    EDIT: Sorry for double-posting, I haven't used forums in a very long time and forgot the etiquette.
  2. dude, screw the power% increase- just increase your voltage buy a teeeny bit each time until you see it improving- but I wouldnt go about 1.2v and WATCH your temps and vrm temps, dont want that getting overtoasted. And dude, heaven is only good for seeing temperatures: I have the same card as you and it changes its minds on the score and fps each time. DL 3dmark ^^

    Try putting up your voltage fractionally to match the OC, but take care. If this fails, just grab a 750w psu.
  3. Will try that and see what happens, I thought that buying a new PSU may have been the solution - tbh the guys that did the work on the computer were aware of what I wanted to do and I knew their recommendation didn't seem right - I think they were trying to sell me something with the intention of me returning in the near future for an upgrade. Tisk tisk :P

    Thanks for the advice dude.
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