Will my Dedicated GPU work if my CPU has Integrated graphics?

I am going to be building my first gaming rig in a few months, I've been selecting the parts for weeks and so far I only have my CPU and GPU picked out. I'm fairly new to building computers and getting specific with the hardware inside a computer, so I am sorry for this newbie question. Will my GPU (AMD Radeon HD 7970) work with my CPU (Intel Core i5-3570 Ivy Bridge)? I ask this because the processor already has an Integrated graphics card in it (Intel HD 4000).

Also, as a side question, will this pair be a good match for gaming on one monitor (I will have two but one will just be for random searching, YouTube, Netflix, etc.)? I will be playing Arma II, Arma III, BF3, BF4, and other games that require a good Graphics card and Processor. My goal is to play any game I'd like on max with at least 40-60 FPS. Any tips are appreciated and thank you in advance for your answers.
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  1. Yes it will work fine. When you plug in your dedicated GPU, your iGPU usually gets disabled automatically. And yes, that's a good pair.
  2. Yes of course it will work. Just remember to plug your vga cable from the monitor to the gpu not the motherboard.
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