I am getting White Screen in AMD RAdeon 6950 Graphics Card - Please Help

Dear All,

My Computer Specifications are below:-

Intel i5-2500 K Processor
Asus P8H61 Motherboard
AMD Radeon 6950 2 GB

I've installed the new version of Catalyst driver 13.9 , but still i am having this issue [Display becomes White], cannot run games now, my computer works find when i un-install my graphics card driver. I have rolled back driver to the previous one, my issue was not resolved. I think The new graphics card driver must have changed some setting , maybe thats why i am getting this issue again and again. now it is no use now for installing previous version drivers of the same graphics card. I am still having white screen issue.

I am also noticing that my display has become so bright, its not the i've turned on my monitor brightness but i am feeling like this.

Can anyone please solve my problem? I have also Asus GPU Tweak Installed but that software is also doing nothing to stop the white screen display.

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  1. nvidea, <ur answer to the problem :D
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