Hi. Need help. My laptop just went dead all of a sudden 3 days ago and since then I haven't been able to charge the battery or

I bought my hp g6 laptop few months before
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  1. When you press the power button does it turn on then turn off, or does it just not turn on? If it turns off then turns on it could be the hard drive (hard drives can easily be damaged by movement, unless it has a protection feature) or the motherboard. If it just doesn't turn on it could be the DC power jack, the charger, or the BIOS. If you bought it new then it should be under warranty still, so no worries whatever the problem. It's best to talk to HP support, they have multiple options including a live chat.
  2. Now it's going to turn on then auto repair and turn off plz help me wats wrong wid my laptop
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