Look for best processor/graphic card for demanding engineering calculations. XEON??

This site is very interesting, i see many knowledgable people and that's why i ask the following question. I am mechanical engineer and i use very demanding softwares for modeling and simulation like Ansys, NX, Matlab for heavy conditions. I would like to use a Xeon processor becaue have been told it is great for calculations. I would like to assemble a computer for not more than 1200 euros (monitor, keyboard,and softwares excluded). What would be the best processor+graphic card for such tasks? Many thanks!
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  1. You can also look into a X79 platform with IvyBridge-E CPU. This is how you can get the best performance for your calculations. Many professionals and universities use this combination because it is much, much cheaper than pre-built Xeon systems, and faster speed.

    One of the first 4 motherboards:


    One of these CPUs:


    One of these 64GB kits:


    One of these graphics cards:


    Then you will have an unstoppable machine!

    Thank you
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