How to connect PS3 controller to PC?

I recently bought a PowerA Pro EX PS3 controller (Dual shock 3 clone) And the only game I can get to work is Sonic generations and PCXS2.

I would like to make it work on my other games, This is a really awesome controller!

Thanks for the Help
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  1. If it is a wired controller, you will need to download the driver for it:
  2. I was able to get my pro ex wired controller to work with a program called xpadder. It will allow you to program each button individually. It will allow your controller to work with any game you want. Some games will automatically recognize it and others may require you to map the keys. It also support full feedback control for the analog sticks. I use mine everyday. It can emulate your mouse too so I also use mine as a remote for my pc.
  3. This is the only the best solution...if any doubts please ask on youtube!!
  4. The problem is the controller won't play nice with most games that use XInput, and most do now. The best way to get around this is a program like x360CE, which will allow you to map the buttons to match the 360 controller layout. Doesn't work for all games though.
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