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Hello people. Hi want genuine help on this topic. I am Mr, Bose from India, age 19. I had to read Commerce as stream after Highschool which I definitely hate. Any ways I was interested in science and Tech forever. I am a Computer Geek now. Now my question is my PC Geek uncle gave me interest in device drivers. I know if I know this, that I can make drivers for Un known devices anyone makes recognisable and work with computer. I love this things and devices too. Now To make drivers I need to know Programming, and the Hardware components, electronics etc. Now Not as a science major, I know nothing about electronics. Device driving is far away from reach, I need to know electronics, then its application in computer, Gates and stuff, Way more, then coding, last of all developing. I have less time to research about these when I have to study business, practice music as a musician go to tutions and stuff and scrape out a living from after next 3 years. I want you guys to help me with e books and site links which will help me to know about electronics, its application in computer, and a these basics with a more practical approach. I dont want to know great theories, and stuff coz i have less time. Give me tutorials about how to work in a bread board, electronics, how it is used, etc with practical approach. Sorry for wastin ur time with a long ass writing, but please stay with me. I seriously need help. Thanks in advance.
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    If you don't start with the theory of why, you will likely not get to the how.

    So, your future seems to be pointed in two divided paths.
    Business and/or music
    Computer science.

    Only you can decide which.
  2. I like you for that u said No Why = No How . I am an Indian and here maximum thing goes by equals. No one asks why. Very few knows the why too. Now By theories I meant like abstract theories. Not practical theories. And for Business, I am just doing it coz in here, under Graduate means nothing. I am just doing it as a path to future studies. I dont like and never do business. Only I want to stick to music and tech. So please help me with it.....
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