how to get back pictures from sd card to phone memory

I'm using HTC status (ChaCha) and it's low on memory ... I have 2 gb sd card but it's not enough! I read on google about my backup app and downloaded it and transferred my photos, apps and messages to sd card ... Now what I want to do is to bring back my stuff to phone memory and then put an 8 gb sd card in it! Don't know what to do please help!!
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  1. Backups dont normally move the data, just copy it otherwise it wouldnt be a backup. As a test you can remove the 2gb SD card you have now and see if you still can see your stuff. If you can then go ahead and install a larger SD card. If you cant then you will need to copy data from the 2gb SD to the phone or a pc and restore it to the new SD card. I know HTC sync will work for copying to the pc. I'm not sure which backup software you're talking about to help you with using that.
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