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system shuts down 15 seconds after booting and display this error message: "usb device over current staus detected. I find it impossible to restore bios settings. There is nothing I can do. Please, HELP. I am DESPERATE
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  1. Alot of times there's some kind of damage going on with your front-panel USB port or wire going to the motherboard. The damage may not be obvious to spot, but first try to disconnect your front-panel usb from your motherboard and see if the error goes away.

    Grounding issues
    Your USB ports are somehow getting short-circuited.
    To identify if this is the cause of your errors, simply remove your motherboard from your case and place it on a non-conductive surface (like wood) and try to start it from there.

    Screws used to mount the motherboard are too tight
    Rogue mounting bolts attached to your case are touching the underside of your motherboard
    Some kind of conductive material is under or on your motherboard causing short-circuits
    Wrong installation of front-panel cables

    USB power jumper
    Some motherboards have certain jumpers that controls the voltage to your USB ports.
    Check your manual and see if you have these jumpers in the right place

    Defective USB devices
    Some USB devices (like a mouse, printer, keyboard etc) may be broken, and can cause problems.
    Try removing all your USB devices and try one at a time so see if anyone is causing issues.

    Defective motherboard
    Sadly, somethings just dont work as they should because of production errors.
    If you've tried everything else you may want to do an RMA.

    I had a customer with the same issue a few years ago so I saved this guide hope it helps
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