will a 760 run bf4 and the next gen games on max setting with 60 fps? (1080p)

I'm planning to buy a 760. I really can't decide what monitor should I use with it without losing much fps. Should i just stick with my 1280x1024 resolution or buy a new one ( 1080p ) ?

Intel Core i5 3330
MSI B75MA-P45 (MS-7798)
Gtx 650Ti 2gig
466GB Hitachi HDS721050CLA660 ATA Device (SATA)
4gig ram

Will it bottleneck in my rig also? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Since the next-gen games haven't been released yet, it's impossible to know. If your 1280x1024 monitor still works, why change it? I only buy a new monitor if the one I have fails. Having said that, I do have a 19" LG Studioworks tube monitor in the basement that I keep as a spare. I only have my current LCD display because I won it at a trade show when I worked for Tiger Direct..LOL
  2. i would really change my monitor if i were you! the difference between low and ultra doesnt even get close between the the between 1920x1080 and 1024x1280. a 1080p monitor really is the biggest difference of boosting your gaming experience, a 650ti is good enough to run al future games on ultra 1024x1280 so upgrading your gpu with that monitor makes no sense. and i would take a look at the new AMD GPU´s (r9 270x, great price/performance)
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