New SSD disc on laptop - the existing is crashing

I would like to installe new ssd, but my OS (win 7) is only available on system recovery partition. Shall I create some kind of boot disc, or are there any other ways of installing my os?
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  1. Download the image of the same version that you have from HERE and then burn to a DVD.

    You can also use that disk image to make a USB installer stick, for the tool and instructions go HERE.

    When it is running well activate it with your existing key.
  2. in addition to Realbeasts excellent advice, all laptops come with a way to burn your recovery disks and I recommend that you do.
  3. Thanks RealBeast & Popatim. I will go for downloadning an image of the os from another computer. Existing drive is restarting and trying to repairing disc errors alle the time.
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