Upgrading to 2 EVGA GTX 770's: which card is the best value?

Hello, all!

Basically, I have been presented with the chance to upgrade from my existing, erroneous SLI configuration of 2 GTX 680's to 2 GTX 770's for little to no cost. I say the setup is erroneous because the 2 680's are different models and have different clock speeds, and I feel more comfortable having 2 of the exact same models in two-way SLI. These are my options, and I am wondering which of the cards below I should buy for its value and performance:

My first choice is between the 04G-P4-3778-KR GTX 770 Classified and the EVGA 04G-P4-3776-KR GTX 770 FTW editions at a $40 difference. Also, just to address this right now, I am set on the 4GB of VRAM.

The cheapest option available is the EVGA 04G-P4-3773-KR reference GTX 770. At stock speeds, would the clock difference between this card and the first two, or between this and my current configuration, even be noticeable?

For the price difference, would I be better off buying the 04G-P4-3773-KR cards and doing a slight overclock to match the higher clock speeds? Is this a riskier approach? Again, without any real overclocking experience, I'm a bit nervous about it, but I began to use Precision X to amateurishly match my two 680s at 1150MHz. so I am at least familiar with the software.

I would appreciate any input that anyone can offer on which card to buy.

Thank you!
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  1. Hi there!

    I know what you are on about with the not wanting two different models. I had a gigabyte 670, but when I upgraded to SLI i sold it and bought two EVGA 670's. XD

    I would personally strongly suggest the FTW 770's as the FTW edition PCB's are cherry picked by EVGA for thier OCing capabilities. While the reference design will (Probably) OC to match the higher speeds of the signature and FTW models, with a FTW edition you get the factory OC and more headroom to OC further. for a $40 difference I would say it's a no brainer.

    Just to back up what I ahve said, both of my 2 EVGA FTW 670's have been OC'd to the point that they are now jsut as powerful as a reference 770. It is a performance increase of around 15-20% over the original factory OC, which already increased perforamnce dramatically.

    Other will probably disagree by my oppinion, however I have had the same experience with 2 other FTW GPU's. I even currently hold the highest 3D Mark score for 2 670's with the AMD FX-8350! =)
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