Sharp Demos New MEMS Displays, First Windows 8 Tablet

Sharp revealed several new products on Monday during CEATEC 2013.

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  1. So the color components are just temporally instead of spatially separated?

    I bet they will try to resolve or rather reduce the problem by increasing how rapidly the screen switches between the color components.
  2. IMO this is heading in the wrong direction. It still involves backlighting the entire display area, and then selectively passing or blocking portions of that to create images. And now it also involves moving parts a la DLP (but different design). OLED and Sony's Crystal LED technology seem to me to be heading more in the right direction: solid state, no spatial light filtering, and high-fidelity intensity control. The first company that gets to the point of being able to "print" LEDs and related switches and circuits on a transparent panel is going to own the display market. Everything else will become like CRTs.
  3. Yeah I'm getting really annoyed now about OLED being delayed still. I actually miss CRT. I stopped using CRT only because I heard it generates X-rays.
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