Nvidia GeForce GT 740M vs AMD Radeon HD 8750m

I was going to buy a Laptop for Gaming purpose.But it was very Difficult for me to choose between two Laptops having Good Graphic Card i.e.
AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2 GB DDR3
Nvidia GeForce GT 740M 1 GB DDR3

I definately knew that 740M is better, when I read a detailed specification then I came to know that that GT 740M is 64 bit.
Both Laptop of Same Processor Intel Core i5-3230m 2.6 GHZ with turbo boost @ 3.2 Ghz.
Laptop with HD 8750M has 6 GB Ram and other has 4 GB.As far Ram is not Problem because i can upgrade it.
Resolution: 1366 x 768

Graphics VRam is also not problem because even high demanding Games like Crysis 3,Metro last light etc does not use even 512 MB at 1366 x 768 resolution.

Nvidia GeForce GT 740M has everything higher then HD 8750M except Brandwidth i.e. 28.8 vs 16.0

Please tell me which one I Buy only for Gaming at least Medium setting with 30+ FPS

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  1. amd radeon is better
  2. sou rav said:
    amd radeon is better

    Actually the 740m is better, this is not the place for fan boys.

    I have a 650t in my laptop which is apparently a little faster, but if the performance is anything like mine, gaming even on high shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Go for Asus X550 or K56CB, both have nvidia 740M 2GB/DDR3 or DDR5 on 128 bits. Lenovo implement nvidia 740M version on 64 bits on his laptops .... So search arround and buy an I5 or I7 with nvidia 740M from Asus. Better performance, nvidia did not heat up as radeon .... Radeon is good in a PC, to have enough space to cool down, not in a laptop.
  4. bump?? Their might be some better statistics to really prove which one is better.I am a personally fan of Nividia, but I run my main rig on an A10 amd processor with amd radeon graphics, it is very efficient and cost worthy.
  5. tazyx said:
    Radeon is good in a PC, to have enough space to cool down, not in a laptop.

    Do you have any proof for this nonsense?

    Just FYI, the GPUs in laptops have a much lower TDP than their desktop counterparts. And laptop heating largely depends upon how the laptop manufacturer designs the internals of the laptop!!

    Please post facts here, not fanboy bullshit. Thanks.
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