DeepCool Announces IceEdge 400E CPU Heatsink

DeepCool has introduced a new CPU cooler with a blue fan.

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  1. 130W uhulll i think this can hold an 3570k or a 4670k ;) on 4.4ghz
  2. I will be rude a bit: I had the IceEdge 400XT for 1,5 year. It wasn't bad but neither particularly spectacular. I had it cooling a i3 2100 and it held it on 55°C max at 980 rpm; it had a present sound but not noisy. Good points are this one will be cheap because of the cheaper 92 mm cooler and without the fancy paint job; another good point are the cooling fins above the CPU (taped it once to find out it makes 2°C+ on CPU temperature) 4 heat pipes, flat bottom on the CPU side (easy install for beginners). My personal negative opinion: not as silent as advertised; I hate those clips for the cooler (why no rubbers?) and finally I don't think it can hold a 130W piece because my i5 3470 got a bit warm at full speed (68°C and I know how to apply thermal paste)
  3. Oooooooh, blue...
  4. there is a serious flood of this type of cooler on the market. Maybe its just the most efficient and cheapest design to make, but I wish someone would make something more interesting for those of us with clear side panels on our cases. I would like a closed loop cooler with clear tubes and LED's please. Or an interesting looking heat sink design that is also efficient.
  5. it looks like the hyper 212 and its brothers and sisters...
    is the hyper 212 still regarded as the best cooler for the money?
  6. iam2thecrowe, I saw a demonstration video of a Silverstone cooler at Computex that looked like a prefilled watercooling system, but was actually a pair of transparent heatpipes, and coolant was continuously running back to the CPU block. It was very pretty and I hope they put it into production. Maybe that's what you're looking for too?
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