Cartoon: How to Help Someone Pick What Computer to Buy

How to advise someone as to what kind of computer they should buy

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  1. xD so funny
  2. LOL...good humor for us geeks :)
  3. I used to get this cartoon...lots of funny business-related stuff. I've sent this one on to some Mac people here at work.
  4. I argued with my GF's sister, because she assured me that laptops are faster than desktops....

    It's always funny how the people who know least about tech, try and dismiss anyone who does. Oh, I don't to down load a bunch of stuff, because it uses up all my memory and it slows down my computer.
  5. I hate SPAM so I killed it.

    I used to work in retail tech and I have had plenty of people like this and one who know more than I do. I love the ones who know more or try to build a PC and shove a 2600K into a 1156 socket board. Gives me things to laugh at.
  6. Technical term is PEBCAK issue, which stands for Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
  7. Sorry, PEBPAI issue , problem exists between phone and Internet :( forgiveness please
  8. I always like the id10t errors...
  9. My favorites are the people who have $600 and insist on getting a "gaming laptop" and then complain that it sucks for playing games and people who only play undemanding games like TF2 or Minecraft and build $2000 gaming rigs.
  10. Hahahaha xD
  11. Quite common to be honest.
  12. 5:4? Try 4:3 which is typical of old 17" CRTs and LCDs.

    @ Others on Double Post and Edit:
    YES, the system of posting on the new blog system kind of sucks. It was designed to work on iOS, Android and regular browsers.

    At the top where it says "There are XX Comments." there is a RED QUOTE ICON.
    Click it.... you will be taken to a full blown forum interface which allows you to EDIT, DELETE posts, QUOTE posts... do some FANCY stuff.
  13. The comic is funny... but true in many many ways.
    And that is also EXACTLY why Windows has become irrelevant today. Hell, you don't even need to buy a SmartTV... save $200 and buy a BluRay player or PS3 to get Smart functions (Streaming video / internet)... other than SmartTVs support wireless USB keyboards/mice... not sure with BR players.

    That is why SurfaceRT/PROs are failures for different reasons. The PRO is $1000, does more than the typical user needs. The RT has no apps too choose or ability to run legacy Windows programs, therefore... why buy a $400~500 tablet than is substandard to Kindles, Android or iPads? Besides the badly designed "touch" UI that still needs a keyboard for its quick shortcut keys... eh?
  14. Yup. I've had this conversation before. I'm sure all us regulars have.

    and people who only play undemanding games like TF2 or Minecraft and build $2000 gaming rigs.

    Easy now, you just described me. It occured to me when I was "done" with this last round of upgrades that I've got ~$750 in JUST the video part of my computer. My first PC out of college ran me about that much.
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