ive a desktop pc with windows xp which wont boot up. it goes into the safe boot screen but i cant select anything as the keybo

Pc won't start up see above. Keyboard and mouse not working so can't select from safe mode screen and the pc keeps looping round. Help
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  1. Does the keyboard work before Windows starts to load, that is can you press whichever key you need to for the BIOS settings? If the keyboard and mouse are USB powered, try different ports. Can you borrow another keyboard? Have you checked any batteries that might have failed?

    When you do find a keyboard that works, tap Function 8 as soon as you power up then select "Disable automatic restart on system failure" so you can see a blue screen with a Stop Error message and post back with the numeric code 0x0000?? and ANY_WORDS_JOINED_UP by underscores. Someone will be able to analyse that and help you further.
  2. Thanks. The keyboard and mouse wont work at all. I've also tried another keyboard and that won't work either so I'm stumped. Any other ideas how I can resolve this. Cheers
  3. If it's a USB keyboard and the back panel has a PS2 connection (small round, green socket) try borrowing a PS2 keyboard. The mouse will need a purple socket. If that's what you already have, try USB, experimenting with front and rear USB Ports.
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