Cloning 70GB of 700GB HDD to a 100GB SSD

I am about to clone my hdd to a smaller ssd. I am only using ~70GB on a 700GB hdd and am wanting to clone the 70GB to a new (older) 100GB SSD. Will the software (Matrium Reflect) also try to clone the empty 600+GB empty space to the 100GB SSD or will it stop cloning when it reaches the capacity limit of the smaller 100GB SSD?
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  1. Oops! Macrium, not Matrium...
  2. easiest way is probably to shrink the partition down to 70 gb in windows and then use some disk cloning software (dd in linux or acronis true image in windows) to clone the 70gb partition onto the new drive. then use windows to extend the 70gb partition to the full 100gb size ssd. if this is a boot drive you will have to copy that separately using something like dd if=/dev/drive/bootparition of=/dev/drive/equalsizepartiononnewdrive just make sure the new drive has two partitions already allocated ( a boot one and a 70gb one for the data you will be copying) in linux i think you can use sudo fdisk -l to list all of the drives and partition names for dd. also the boot partition must be the first partition on the drive. ive never actually done this so hopefully someone with a little more experience can weigh in on this.
  3. I was thinking maybe to do a full clone which would include my OS plus my other programs and personal data in order to make it as simple a process as possible. I was hoping to be able to avoid resizing partitions but if that is not possible I will delve into that. I was hoping a clone of the existing partitions would suffice with the exception of the large amount of free space on the larger hdd which I was hoping and wondering if Macrium Reflect (free edition) would be able to automatically adjust in the final step of cloning. This is all new to me even though I have been building systems since the '90's because it is my first ssd. Is there a simple way to transfer the information from the hdd to the ssd? Would an ISO image work? If so, what, in simple terms, would be my logical procedure?
  4. I found a program called "Mini-Tool Partition Wizard" that did the trick. It copied all data from my larger hard drive to my 100GB SSD, automatically resized the partitions, and even aligned the partitions. I then unplugged my original 750GB HDD and restarted the computer. The computer automatically made a couple of changes and the computer booted up and ran off of the new SSD. The only problem I had was that my QuickBooks 2012 program would not load but I could have rectified that with a quick call to Intuit. I simply uninstalled it from the SSD (I can still run it off of the old HDD if I desire but I never use it anyway.) and everything else runs great... and fast. This program does it all... I have no idea why they call it "Mini"... it should be called "Maxi." It did a great job for me.
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