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Building a computer for a friend, this is only my second homemade computer, and I want to make sure all the components play well with each other. Any suggestions or critiques would be great. The component list is at the link below.

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  1. Please post in some other way than a pdf to download, most of us here don't want to risk downloading something from someone we don't know. Post the BBcode from a pcpartpicker build:
  2. Would change the DRAM to 2x8GB, would change CPU to 8350, the 9xxx are not much more than OCed 8350s and eat up a ton of voltage, that would also cut back on PSU reuirement.....and actually can do a lot better, regardless of what it's for with an Intel rig
  3. i looked at the website you provided and it doesn't have the processor i have chosen. i think i'll just post as text.
  4. Core components above, if I've left anything important out, let me know.

  5. waste of money cpu, just get the fx 8350 and put more money toward the gpu.
  6. Like has been already said, the 8350 is a much better buy and you're sure to be able to clock it up to 9370 levels (well, pretty sure), the ram is a bit much unless you're running VM's or doing crazy video editing, with the saved money i would dial the GPU up to a 7950, or 7970, and you'll have a much more capable gaming rig.
  7. sorry, i forgot to mention, i changed to the 7950
  8. Think will want better than a H60, that CPU runs hot!, would look at least to a H100, also would be better off with a 2x8GB set of DRAM over 4x4GB, and wouldn't count on being able to run 2400 sticks (at least at 2400)
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