I need to upgrade my hp dc 7700 gpu CPU psu and ram

I've got the dc7700 but it's been put into a bigger case I need to know if I can get an intel i5 3570 in there and a gtx 660 I'm asking because I'm not sure about the motherboard because I can't find any details on it, and of course I'm going to upgrade my power supply (i am also putting 4x2gb ddr2 in it too)
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  1. If it has ddr2 in it, there's no way it's new enough to use an i5 3570, you need an LGA 1155 motherboard, which is pretty new. It looks like you're running an LGA 775 socket, so a core 2 quad would probably be the best you can do (though core 2 duo's are the highest end thing i could find listed in your pc's documentation...). I'm having trouble finding details, but it looks like your pcie slot might be version 1.0, which could bottleneck a newer discrete card...
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