how to connect a pc to a 5.2 amplifier and projector

Atm i am building a home theater cabinet for my projector.. i have got a W5000 projector along with a Pioneer vsx-922-k 7.2 amplifier (but i only have 5.2 speaker setup)..

what im wondering is how to connect all these up so that i can run movies from my pc though the projector and get sound through my amplifier and surround sound speakers..

atm i just run a hdmi cable from my pc to the projector and use my pc speakers, but now that i have the amplifier i want to fix them into the mixture..

my pc motherboard has 5.1 speaker jacks in it so they are available also
any help would be awesome cheers all
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  1. Need to know more details about your setup. I currently run video from my PC to my projector via a DVI to HDMI cable and audio from my PC to my receiver via Optical S/PDIF.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Simplest solution is to connect via HDMI from the PC to the receiver and from the receiver to the projector. If there is an issue with audio via HDMI from the PC then you would need to add a digital audio connection from the PC to the receiver and set the input menu for this configuration. Allows you to use the HDMI switching in the receiver for other sources if needed.
  3. my pc has a coaxial digital output, a digital optical output, 5.1 analog outputs and the natural analog (green) output plus 2 hdmi outputs.. this is also a link to the reciever and the projector

    thats basically what i have available your suggestion would be to run a hdmi cable from my projector to the amp..hdmi from pc to amp...and or say an optical cable from the pc to amp...would that work..?
  4. ill give both of those a try cheers for the fast replies guys
  5. looked at your specs..

    run 1 hdmi from your video card of your computer to the receiver and one hdmi cable from your receiver to projector. since everything supports hdmi this is the easy way.

    most modern video cards support sound out via dvi or hdmi so there should be no problem. what aa said about using a optical cable was in case your pc was old and does not support this. the alternative would be to pick up one which did (in case you were using onboard video or something similar)
  6. wouldnt the quality of sound be effected having visual and aidio streams running through the same cable? or this wouldnt effect it that much
    the motherboard that i have is the gigabyte GA-P55a-UD3...its not a new card and i know some of them dont support audio thats what i was worried about..ill have a look and see if it does
    this is the card
  7. no. hdmi is the best that you are going to get. its also more convenient than running both hdmi and optical since you only need to run one cable not two.

    what video card are you using. since it appears the motherboard has no onboard video you must be using one. please list the brand and model here.

    your motherboard does have onboard audio but i would use hdmi instead. as a backup choice you do have coax spdif and optical spdif.

    even older and some really cheap video cards support hdmi or dvi sound out. i'd go with this if you can... again list your card here
  8. cool np reading abit and alot say coaxial is a better sound quality but yeah the less cords im running through my roof the better lol im happy with that..(less work lol)
    btw this is the link to the video card im using its a powercolor radeon hd 7850 2 gig

    again thanks for all the help appreciate it
  9. yes. that video card does support sound out. it looks like it has hdmi and also dvi-d. both can support sound. personally i use a dvi-d to hdmi cord (since my gpu doesnt have native hdmi) but in your case i would use a straight hdmi cable.

    i've never heard that digi coax has better sound. what i've always heard was that hdmi and optical are the best... and just about even.

    in any case... running one cable is much cheaper than two!
  10. i agree totally with you...appriciate all the help you have given me and the time youve taken doing so...appriciate it greatly... Legend
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