UK Supermarket Tesco Sells 35,000 Hudl Tablets

Tesco is keen to talk numbers, it seems.

UK Supermarket Tesco Sells 35,000 Hudl Tablets : Read more
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  1. tesco have had its own hardware branch called technika that does do some quality hardware
    my MP3 player has 4GB internal and has a micro SD slot that can support up to 32GB (i have 16 in it)
    and it has support for your standard audio formats (mp3 wmv etc) but also less used formats like ogg flac and mpc
    i brought it about 4 years ago and still functions perfectly my only complaint is that it will not last a day if i leave it on after listening to some music (if i just turn it on however it lasts longer)
  2. I have picked up and played with one of these things, very good quality, made by Archos not Technika - they should sell a boatload of these things
  3. I want one. The resolution isn't the highest, but it also isn't on the low end either. It's a great mid range tablet. Also running nearly stock.
  4. microsoft's Surface RT and it's dubiously named sequel Surface 2 should learn from Hudl. :P
  5. Hudl is a very nifty device. Excellently built and comes with a very easy to use User-interface.

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