best am3+ Mobo for $60

any, because im building a pc and accidentally ran out of budget (because i bought fx 8320 instead of fx 6300) plz help

Note:i dont overclock any
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    Probably the cheapest I would go. I'd try to stay with a 970 chipset over the cheaper 760's.
  2. getochkn said:

    Probably the cheapest I would go. I'd try to stay with a 970 chipset over the cheaper 760's.

    I agree a rule of thumb also to follow in the future:

    1/2. ASUS/ASrock (Rock solid performance and QC)
    3. Gigabyte (Performance & QC is touch and go)

    The rest of the brands are junk wouldn't even touch them. I hope this helps at least a little bit. Please feel free to contact me about any other questions/concerns you may have in the future. Also please remember to pick your best solution so other people may learn from your thread. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.
  3. how about gigabyte and asus motherboards??
  4. See above, I would recommend asrock and asus over gigabyte. Simply due to QC.
  5. does chipset really matters? like 760,970,990?
  6. 990 chipset it better for overclocking heavily, plus for this reason they are generally a little bit more reliable.
    970 chipset is underneath them for light over clockers and mainly people on a budget.
    760 I wouldnt even touch.

    I would recommend a 970 or a 990 for you just cause of QC and reliability. I hope this helps answer your question a little bit better. Also please remember to select your best answer so that others may learn from your thread. Remember that you can contact me anytime about any questions or concerns you might have about things in the future. Thank you for your time and have a pleasant day/night.
  7. sir can yoou give me a motherboard for gigabyte and asus(my choice in asrock is pro3 r2.0) thanks for the reply and your time
  8. pls answer me
  9. No I will not recommend a gigabyte board. The ASrock pro3 r2.0 is a good board however.
  10. ok tnx, gonna buy by next week , thanks for the reply
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