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High temps with 4770k + h100i stock (no oc)

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October 3, 2013 7:49:17 AM

Hey guys put together a gaming rig this week and finally started stability testing with AIDA64. I am worried I may have improperly installed the cooling system. The 4770k is idling at ~30C sometimes 29C. When I ran the AIDA64 stability test for about 15 mins, the average temp was 55C but some cores had a high of 70-71C.

I am wondering if I should be seeing these kind of numbers? Should I look at repositioning the cooling head that goes on the CPU? Want to avoid the thermal paste cleanup/mess if it looks normal to some others hopefully with the same or similar setup...

I have the corsair h100i with the fans pointing up at the radiator in a 500R case. All other fans were left as the case had set them. I am running this on an ASUS Maximus Hero VI and have left all bios settings to what it came with... Should I be putting all the fans at maximum settings? Turning something ON/OFF in there that could help this situation?

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October 3, 2013 8:14:53 AM

Sounds like it's near normal temps. Idle cant be normal if OC'd or in a hot room. Otherwise you could get a bit less. Max temps are that of the same. What thermal paste did you use, the stock on the cooler? I would recommend a a re-seat with a new paste. I would recommend, and I use, This got my temps down 5-10c on my 4670k from the original paste temps on my h80. Be sure to look up the proper cleaning techniques for the CPU and baseplate to get all the old paste off if you decide to do this. Hope this helps!