LG "G Flex" Curved Phone Rumored for November

LG's curved phone may arrive next month.

LG "G Flex" Curved Phone Rumored for November : Read more
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  1. I really liked Samsung's prototype that had a curved "edge" on one side of the screen. They used a flip cover like the SGS4 has that left that curved section uncovered so you could see status updates without having to open the cover and without the gimmicky window the SGS4 cover has. Since Samsung uses their AMOLED screens the phone could shut off all of the pixels covered by the case and only turn on the section of the screen that displayed updates.
  2. Now Apple is in trouble. If Apple doesn't have any innovative releases like LG or Samsung, then Apple's stock would start to plummet.
    Would they have trademarked "iCurved"? :) :)
  3. LG and Samsung should have done this with their flagship models that just came out people are buying up. Note 3 and G2. I wasn't expecting curved displays to be ready for phones till next year.
  4. I'm still confused whether these phones are flexible or curved..... Flexible is awesome. Curved to me anyway is kind of men.
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