16gb 1600mhz ram cheaper than 16gb 2133mhz ram!

ive found 2133mhz ram (16gb) cheaper than 1600mhz ram (16gb) both brands are corsair vengeance, which one should I get? is there some sort of catch?
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  1. Probably, or could be the 2133 is a line they are closing out, check the CL along with the freq,,,,i.e. to be close to equivalent in performance the CL of the 2133 set should be no more than 2 higher than the 1600 set, i.e if it's a 1600/9 set then the 2133 set should be no more than 11 (and lower would be better) , if it's higher performance 1600/8 the 2133 set should have a CL of no more than 10, if it's higher, say 11 or 12, the 2133 will still provide a bit more bandwidth, but won't perform operations as fst so the advantage of the higher bandwidth is lost
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