Computer won't boot after putting in (not installing) new graphics Card.


I recently bought a GeForce GTX 660 (Gigabyte). Problem is, when I switched my old Radeon HD 5670 with this one my computer no longer goes past the BIOS set up. More specifically, it stops at "Press <DEL> to enter setup." I have not installed anything, just a simple "switcheroo." What could be the problem?

P.S - I have been able to press DEL a few times, but in return I got a "Entering Setup...." which would remain there as well.

Taking a guess at my specs:
GeForce GTX660
500 Watts PSU
AMD Quad Core
8GB Ram
A880GZ Biostar Motherboard
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  1. Hi, Is there a newer BIOS version available for the motherboard? If yes, try updating the BIOS. Clear the CMOS after that.
  2. alexoiu said:
    Hi, Is there a newer BIOS version available for the motherboard? If yes, try updating the BIOS. Clear the CMOS after that.

    Thanks for replying!

    Well, I went to BIOSTAR to find a BIOS update that I believed to have been in 2013 so I gave it a download. But when putting in the new card still nothing came up. When I place the OLD Graphics Card in it works fine. I haven't tried the CMOS thing. What is that by the way?

    Also, I just reformatted my computer hoping for better results, my video card still freezes at BIOS point... but I'm going to try working from a clean slate
  3. Also as I was looking at any extra BIOS drivers I saw one with the description of:

    "Fix display problem for GTS250 and 9500GT under Win7 64"

    Not sure if it pertains to my Card, or would help it in any way, but just putting it out there
  4. alexoiu said:

    Hi again, thanks for sticking around really appreciate it.

    For me it's hard to tell the current version but here are 3 pictures I hope would help:

    When trying to update the BIOS I follow the instruction, but what isn't making sense is STEP 5. It asks me to open a file when putting the update into a location, but I'm not sure where to go
  5. ALEX! I got it! OMG!! YES!

    So because I was being dumb, I wasn't updating the BIOS correctly. I would choose random files to updates it to yet it would still give me the same "Success" message. Turns out, the files I had to open when it told me to do in STEP 5 meant opening the BIOS files on the Biostar download page. Sorry if it sounds confusing, BUT! all in all it worked in the end! currently downloading my new Graphics Card, hoping no new problems arise!

    But I give my gratitude to you sir! You are a true gentleman and scholar
  6. You're welcome.
    Does the new graphics card work?
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