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I recently bought Corsair H55 water kit. I am very happy with temperature readings I get, but a few days ago, weird sound appears almost all the time while the pump is working. Could be described as crackling.

Anyway, I've been reading all corsair forums that I could come into and found the possible problem. There might be some air trapped inside of the tubes and bubbles circling through the pump cause that weird sound. Unfortunately, no one speaks of the solution other than replacing it with a new one :(

There's probably a lot more folks that have the same or similar air problem (it doesn't have to be corsair's product). I'd be very grateful if they share some experience. Could that air eventually cause the pump to fail? Is there any chance of leaking the fluid?

Replacing mine unit with a new one in my area isn't quite possible (until you make sure the pump failed and all the fluid is covering your motherboard) :D Actually, I don't mind the noise, as long as corsair works as it is supposed to, I'm perfectly fine with it. I just want to make sure that air problem won't cause pump failing or in worse case, water leaking...
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  1. Air in the pump can cause a failure, more likely it will be along the lines of an impeller burning out than it exploding in a shower of Antifreeze (fun fact, that's what they use in the Corsair Hydro's). The reason there isn't any suggestion to how to fix it is that they weren't designed to be tampered with.

    Most I can suggest you do shake the pump/cpu block and hope any bubbles rise up to the rad and settle there.
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