Computer shutting itself off shortly after booting up.

so yeah, its a 6 year old hp prebuilt. model # is m9300z if that helps. specs :

amd phenom 8450 processor
vista 64 bit
4 gigs ddr2
350 watt psu
radeon 4350

so yeah. the computer is shutting itself off. i'm virtually certain its a heating issue as i can hear the fans kick it up a notch 5 or so seconds before it shuts itself down. sometimes it stays on for hours, sometimes seconds. I've checked both fans in the computer as well as the one in the power supply. they're all working. i put some new thermal paste on the processors gpu. computer fails w/o all of its gizmos and gadgets plugged in as well so i'm fairly certain it's not the video card, atleast. not exactly sure where to go from there, however. a few buddies seem to think it's a power supply issue but i figured i'd seek a more educated opinion before i spent any money on my 2nd machine that's older than dirt.

edit: oh yeah. all that and the green light on the psu goes out despite being plugged in for a little while after it shuts itself down.
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  1. It can be psu related, so try borrowing from a friend a power supply and test.
  2. plugged in a 300 watt psu and its running like its brand new. sweet deal.
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