Best i5 4570 CPU CORE RATIO Setting in Asus H87i Plus

As title asks, should I set it to Auto, Per Core or Sync All Cores? I'm not at all familiar with this feature. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Options are “Auto”, “By All Cores” and “By Per Core”. A description of these settings is provided in the right-hand column of the UEFI BIOS and can be seen when the Turbo Ratio setting is selected.

    By All Cores: This sets the CPU core frequency multiplier; multiplied by BCLK to give the target CPU frequency (under full load conditions if SpeedStep is active). “Auto” = stock CPU multiplier Ratio used. Manual numerical entry of the desired Turbo Ratio is accepted.

    Per Core: Allows setting the maximum Turbo multiplier of each physical processor core.
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