Which is better i7 4770k or fx-8350. I want to do some heavy editing and hard-core gaming while recording. I don't really care

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  1. Sorry for the tags in the description first time on toms hardware.
    Title says it all
  2. And the title is cut off it's supposed to say "I don't care about prices just overall performance."
  3. You cannot compare the both

    4770k can Easily will Beat a fx-8350

    More money = Better Cpu

    the 4770k is a lot of price diffrence comparing the 8350

    Since money isnt the problem you should be looking at 4930k or e3 dual xeon
  4. Well not all out in money I'm not a millionaire. But thank you about your advice
  5. AKGTime said:
    Well not all out in money I'm not a millionaire. But thank you about your advice

    The FX 8350 is excellent if you want to do both at once, but so is the 4770k. If price is of little concern I would compare the FX 9370 or FX 9590 to the 4770k. They do have a higher TPD of 220W compared to the 4770k at 84W. The price difference between building a system around either is fairly small, but you would want to keep in mind the power draw difference. Personally I would go with the 4770K unless I already had a good AM3+ board that will work really well with the 9370 or 9590. I always buy good power supplies so that the draw would be a non issue. It really boils down to personal preference and the specific games/recording software you use. If you are talking BF4 then the AMD will probably be better. If Skyrim is your baby then go intel. Etc.
  6. Well if price is not an issue then easily I7.
  7. Yup, I would go Socket 2011 and 4930k if there is good budget - this will be much better for recording and video editing, and also very good at gaming too.
  8. I always thought the i7 Hex were overpriced. DAMN intel!
  9. ImperialistMillitant said:
    I always thought the i7 Hex were overpriced. DAMN intel!

    Well, on the other hand of you buy one then you are pretty much set for life...

    I mean even the "lowby" I7-3820 Sandy Bridge extreme still owns latest I7 Haswells and probably the same with Broadwell. It is still going to be relevant in the next 4-5 years easy.

    Think about it - 1 CPU good for 7 years... That's a huge value.
  10. Ive never looked at it this way, I suppose you are correct, and in the long run it inst that costly.
  11. I agree with everyone. I7 4770k, is one hell of a processor. It will handle anything you throw at it. The 8350 is an awesome processor as well hands down I own one myself. Yet cant help but understand the processing power of the i7. I will last you long time as well given your taking a intel flagship processor. If money is an issue, look for microcenter or some bundle deals. I know we aren't all full of money. :)
  12. 4770k is on average a good bit faster than the 8350. If money itsn't too much of a concern then it would be ideal. If you will be making money from this rig then spending a little more on a 4930X may be better.
  13. Thanks for all of your thoughts on this. I will go the i7.
  14. AKGTime said:
    Cpu, amd, intel, please help, gaming, video editing ,recording

    Here is another good site to compare CPU's with. http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i7-3820-vs-AMD-FX-9370
    The fx 9370 is just about par with i7 3820 and i7 2700k only difference is the single threading. The fx cpu will out clock both of the i7's and have 8 cores and not 4. When it comes to these high end processors there is really little difference in performance, after all most of the performance is in the Video card not the CPU. Also the fx 9370 is $100 cheaper than the i7 CPU's with same performance or better, and if muliti tasking the fx will out perform the i7 CPU's
  15. Also if going with FX 9370 get a 240 or 280 mm dual water cool and throw one in the box in corner some where.. A good dual water cooler is about 75 bucks and over clocking the 9370 to 5.0-5.5 is easy as eating a piece of pie :)
  16. LOL I just noticed how old this post was sorry guys........
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