Will the Nvidia GTX 770M (mobile) outperform the Nvidia GTX 470 (desktop)

Since I will be going to university soon I won't be able to take along a desktop PC I plan on buying a gaming laptop with the 2.4-GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ Haswell processor and the Nvidia GTX 770M. Will I see a performance increase in games like BF3, BF4, Metro Last LIght, Bioshock Infinite etc. over the GTX 470 and Intel Core i5 750 2,6 GHz quad core?
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  1. Why can't you bring your desktop to college? I did while I was at college. You just can't bring it to class with you :P

    You will most likely see *equivalent* performance.. But I'm not sure I would bet on a performance increase. A GTX 780M falls between a GTX 660 and a GTX 760 desktop card. Which means the 770 is a good bit slower than either of those. I'd say you might see a *slight* increase because of hyperthreading on the i7 and such, but it's a safer bet to say at the very least you won't see a decrease in performance.

    Quick Edit: If you want a more direct comparison, here:


    This'll show you some benchmarked framerates. you can compare to the framerates you're getting on your old desktop.
    That being said, I played the BF4 Beta on my ASUS G750JX with a 770M and it ran smooth as butter, so, I think you should be fine.
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