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Hi, basically i need a new CPU since my current one all but melted... i would like one capable of running games such as Rome 2 but im currently tight on money.

i have found an Intel Pentium g840 but is that any good with my other system specs?

i am aware this kind of question is asked often and i do apologise
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  1. No idea of your system specs, unless I missed a link, which is possible ;)
  2. Do you have a current LGA 1155/1150 socket board? If you have an AMD FM2(+) board, the Athlon II 760K is better than the Pentiums in almost every category.
  3. It really depends on your board, Im guessing because you're shopping for intel you have an intel board but if you could re-post your specs plz because they're not in the original post.
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